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Tulsa Woman Protesting At Trump Rally Is Arrested for Supposedly Trespassing Even Though She Had A Ticket


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11:42 AM PT — Tulsa PD says the woman in the “I Can’t Breathe” shirt — Sheila Buck — was arrested for obstruction after she refused to the leave premises on her own accord … and after campaign staffers told her to scram. The department writes, “This morning at 11:30 am Tulsa Police were requested by Trump Campaign Staff to remove an individual from the secure area of the rally.

They add, “Tulsa Police spoke to the arrestee, Ms. Buck, for several minutes trying to convince her to leave on her own accord. After several minutes requesting her to leave she continued to refuse to cooperate and was escorted out of the area and transported to booking for obstruction.”

Tulsa PD finishes by saying, “For clarification, the arrestee had passed through the metal detector area to the most secure area of the event accessible only to ticket holders. Whether she had a ticket or not for the event is not a contributing factor for the Tulsa Police in making the arrest. Officers at the location, particularly in the “Sterile” area, will remove individuals only at the direction of Campaign Staff.”


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